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An oak kitchen worktop gives your kitchen a classic look. This wooden material is hardwearing and durable, and the wood’s golden hue is a wonderful accent to a kitchen. Typically sourced from the east and west coasts of Africa, it has a course grain and is resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations.

Although oak is the most popular wood for worktops, other wood types can be just as attractive. Walnut, for example, is a more expensive option, but can be very well polished to give a contemporary look. If you are on a budget, you can still get a solid wood worktop in oak. Another popular wood for kitchens is Iroko, which is stronger than oak and better resistant to moisture and temperature. Both woods look great on any kitchen and can complement any colour scheme.

To keep your oak kitchen worktop in pristine condition, you should treat it with oil regularly. Oil is a good choice for lighter coloured wood, and it will bring out the beauty of the grain while also providing essential protection. For a darker wood or a hard wood, you should use a different type of oil or wax. A higher grade oil will penetrate the wood more deeply, maintaining its natural state. The best oil to use is TopOil, which will provide excellent protection against water and staining.

While oil will protect a wood worktop, you should remember that it will react to heat and moisture. Therefore, a 4-5mm gap is required between the worktop and any appliances. This gap can be hidden by a matching wooden upstand or by using flexible silicone. It is also recommended that you use a protective barrier underneath appliances that produce moisture and heat. You can buy this material from stores like B&Q or even glue it to the underside of your worktop. You should also use mould-resistant sealant around your sink.

If you are worried about the staining of your Oak kitchen worktop, you can re-oil it every few months. To do this, you can use Danish oil or Worktop Oil. Danish oil is safe for the food preparation area, and is easy to apply. You should use a lint-free cloth to apply the oil.


An Iroko wood kitchen worktop oozes sophistication and style and makes a stunning addition to a classic kitchen. Made from solid wood, these worktops are a real investment and feel wonderful to the touch. The finest hardwoods are used to create these stunning surfaces. Tuscan worksurfaces are available in many species and thicknesses to suit your needs.

These are dense and tough. The colour of the wood develops from bronze to a dark colour. The rich brown tones are very attractive and complement a wide range of kitchen sets. The grain of these pieces is visible around the edge and lends them a unique character. You can choose to have them cut to size or opt for a bespoke one.

If you are considering installing an Iroko wood kitchen worktop, it is important to know how to take care of it. The best way to care for it is to keep it away from extreme heat and moisture. You should oil it three times prior to installation, and every three months after that. You can also refinish it if necessary.

Another popular choice for kitchen worktops is mahogany wood. This material goes well with contemporary kitchen designs and minimalist backgrounds. This wood is a beautiful choice for a minimalist kitchen, as it can last a lifetime if it is treated and cared for properly. It has a natural luster and is also easy to cut and shape.

Iroko wood

The Iroko wood kitchen worktop oozes style and sophistication and is a superb addition to any traditional style kitchen. Its warm, golden colour gives a warm glow to any kitchen, and its solid wood structure is incredibly durable. In addition, Iroko worktops are made from the highest quality hardwoods, making them an excellent investment. You can choose from a wide variety of species and thicknesses to complement the style of your kitchen.

As an African walnut, iroko is dense and tough, making it a great choice for a kitchen worktop. It has a bronze-toned color that gradually develops into a dark shade, which makes it attractive in a variety of kitchen settings. However, it’s also an excellent choice for those looking for a modern look in a traditional kitchen.

Solid wood

If you’re looking for a classic look in your kitchen, a solid wood kitchen worktop is a great choice. Oak, maple, and beech are all popular woods for kitchen worktops. You can also get an exotic worktop made from a different kind of wood, such as zebrawood or ebony. However, you should make sure to look for a sustainable hardwood that’s FSC certified.

Wood worktops are a great choice for modern homes, because they’re both durable and versatile. They are also known to improve with age, adding value to your home. Buying a solid wood kitchen worktop will enhance the look and feel of your kitchen for years to come. Here are some of the benefits of solid wood kitchen worktops:

Thickness: When it comes to choosing the thickness of a solid wood worktop, you need to consider the kitchen size and the size of overhanging appliances. Choosing the perfect thickness will make your kitchen stand out from the crowd. A thicker worktop will also resist stains and will last for many years.

Care: Solid wood worktops require a bit more maintenance than laminate ones. However, they have a softer look and are easier to clean. To clean them, you can simply wipe them with warm water and soap. You can also lightly sand them if you notice any stains or worn areas. Oiling your wooden worktop every six to twelve months is also a good idea, but how often will depend on your personal preference.

Protecting your kitchen worktop is important. Oil will not protect your worktop from heat, so make sure you use coasters or trivets underneath hot pans. In addition, make sure to use a chopping board to prevent scratches on your worktop. Luckily, wood worktops can be refinished if they’re damaged.

Care for your kitchen worktop is easy if you follow a few simple guidelines. First, you need to keep it dry. After that, you need to apply Danish oil, a product that has been formulated to help keep wood worktops looking good. If you plan to apply oil to your kitchen worktops, make sure to apply it in several thin layers, so it can soak up water.



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